Qualities Of A Good Bartender

winesMost people underestimate the importance of a bartender. If you have been to a bar, you will know the amount of pressure and responsibilities that they have to deal with. Thus, the role is not an easy one. Not everyone can do it since it requires a certain skill set similar to any other job. Listed below are some such qualities that you need to possess if you want to become a bartender.

Attention and memory
Bars are one of the most congested places in the city. So many people visit them at the same time and thus they are crowded 24/7. In this case, it is important for you to have a sharp memory. You cannot forget the menu or your customer’s order since it will delay the drinks. You should also keep tabs on the customers and be attentive to who drinks what to ensure that there is no chaos in the environment.
Knowledge about drinks
Not only should you be able to tell the difference between a cosmopolitan and a martini, but you should be able to handle various bar equipment such as a building a wine cellar. Knowing your menu will enable you to be efficient in your job. If you do not know what the customer is asking for, you will find it hard to cope with the multiple orders. Moreover, if you cannot differentiate the drinks, you might mix up the orders. Thus, it is important for you to know the alcohols like the back of your hand.
Good customer service
There is no point in being a pro at handling a wine dispenser system if you are not polite towards your customers. Remember that you are working at a bar. Thus, you cannot expect all your customers to be gentlemen. They will be drunk and thus they can be mean and rude. This does not mean that you should be so too. As a bartender, you should be polite, courteous and patient with your customers.
Ability to handle unusual situations
When it comes to a bar, unusual situations are quite usual. Fights and brawls happen so often that it is considered to be normal. But this does not mean that you should start cheering when a fight happens. Since it is your working environment, you must take immediate action to stop the chaos. You must not hide away or make the fight worse. Instead, you should make the involved individuals to reconcile or leave the bar.
Apart from these you will also need to be clean, efficient and responsible too. If you possess these above qualities, you will be able to be a good bartender.